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Old Fashioned. Moi?

The other day, rather than regale my long-suffering family with yet another public policy rant, I knocked off an oped on a matter of high tech that has, unfortunately, become a political football. After shopping it around for a while, … Continue reading

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Sloppy Post Production in Kingdom of Heaven?

When I was on the scrounge for Blu-ray discs last year (it’s difficult reviewing Blu-ray players when you don’t have any discs), I hassled various movie distributors until they shot a few my way. One company to come through was … Continue reading

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In my Canberra Times column this week I discussed 1080p24 as the ideal delivery standard for Blu-ray and HD DVD. Today I received an email on this, thus: I had never heard of 1080p24 or even conceived that it might … Continue reading

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