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Restore saves all

My iPod Touch, which isn’t very old at all, has been flaky for ages. Most irritatingly the double tap on the home button, which brings up pause and skip keys and volume slider, has been totally unreliable. It would work … Continue reading

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It’s not only audiophiles who fool themselves …

The most recent episode of Skeptoid deals with the subject of the superiority of Stradivarius violins. It has been an article of faith for many decades at least, perhaps even centuries, that these violins are the best and possess some … Continue reading

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Google and the Bacon Number

From a tweet: Joel Golby ?@joelgolby IMPORTANT: if you type “bacon number” + any actor name into Google it will tell you how many degrees of separation they are from Kevin Bacon Damn, it’s true! Simon Phillips’s Bacon number is … Continue reading

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Visual Field

If you’re ever inclined to think that the human visual system is perfect, like some kind of ultramegapixel video camera, then you should study this recent XKCD cartoon: Click and expand to full screen to use properly.

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