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That’s the number of spam comments for one post that Akismet has rejected from just one blog post, I see. All were (attempted to be) posted in the last eight hours. Something about the title or content that’s attracting this … Continue reading

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Next month the last remaining areas of Australia with analogue TV will have it switched off. That’s Sydney (3 December), Melbourne (10 December) and remote Australia (10 December). So how much does it cost to get a digital TV receiver? … Continue reading

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One minute and fourteen seconds

Now here’s a useful little thing. Don’t know, as the title puts it, ‘How To Play An Audio CD On A Home Stereo System’? This the video at the link is for you. Seriously. Or so the maker of the … Continue reading

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Magic digits

I’ve just been thoroughly berated by the proprietor of a website called ‘The Advanced Audiophile Press‘. He (I assume) did not like my remarks on Peter Belt’s various nostrums for improving the sound of audiophile gear. I have responded to … Continue reading

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The McGurk Effect

So what you hear can very easily be influenced — no, that’s not strong enough — determined by what you see:

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The (black) magic of HDMI

Weird evening. I want to measure the frequency responses of some sound bars with a focus on the bass end. First problem, my M-Audio Fast Track Pro microphone pre-amp/DAC won’t work. My recording software tells me that there’s an incompatible … Continue reading

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Farewell, Panasonic Plasma

Well, that’s it. I just received a call from Panasonic’s head of marketing. Panasonic is ceasing plasma TV production in December. I imagine all stock will be sold within a few months after that.

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