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DVD Forum denies that PAL DVDs must be flagged ‘interlaced’

I emailed the DVD Forum regarding the claim that it is a requirement of the DVD specification that PAL DVDs have their scan mode flagged as ‘interlaced’. However the DVD Forum denies that this is in fact a requirement. Here … Continue reading

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Sony to release HDD DVD recorder with SD tuner

There was another interesting product at the Sony Experience expo: the Sony RDRHX760 DVD recorder. So what? This one has a built in standard definition digital TV tuner. About time! Compared to the forthcoming Philips DVDR9000H it has some advantages … Continue reading

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How HDMI can make your DVD picture quality worse!

This only applies to PAL DVDs. But beware, most DVD players will by default play most PAL DVDs with poor picture quality via HDMI or, for that matter, progressive scan component video connections. Read all about it in my new … Continue reading

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Samsung aims to be first on Australian market with Blu-ray player

Samsung has just announced that it will be releasing its first Blu-ray player, the BD-P1000, ‘early in Q4’ this year. That would suggest sometime in October. Might make a nice match with the Sony projector mentioned below. Samsung says it … Continue reading

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New High Definition Projector from Sony

I went to the Sony Experience expo yesterday in Sydney. Some interesting new stuff was shown. The new range of home theatre receivers are going to have nicely organised, and attractively designed, on screen menus instead of the current interminable … Continue reading

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