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Quality Chain Store Staff

I generally recommend that people do their home entertainment shopping at specialty stores, rather than chain or department stores. Two reasons: the former generally have more knowledgable staff, and the latter generally do not have higher end equipment. But the … Continue reading

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HDMI woes resolved

That picture to the right is the HDMI output socket of the very fancy Krell Showcase DVD. A little oddly, this doesn’t actually have HDMI out installed as standard. It’s an option, but the distributor put it in at my … Continue reading

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Philips hobbles performance of DVD+R/+RW DVD recorders

Some time back I mentioned the aspect ratio limitations of the DVD+VR recording format, as used by consumer DVD+R/RW DVD recorders. I took the opportunity to draw this to the attention of Philips Electronics — the inventor and controller of … Continue reading

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Aladdin DVD appears – with THX Optimizer

The Region 2/4 DVD of the 1992 Disney animated feature Aladdin was released a few days ago. This provides another opportunity for people to set up their audio systems and display devices properly, thanks to the inclusion of the THX … Continue reading

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Weird scenes in the musical mind

One of my favourite LPs, way back when I was at school, was The Doors’ Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine. This was a two LP best-of compilation of previously released tracks, plus one otherwise not-existing track. I recall taking … Continue reading

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Singapore Electronics

Well, I’m back. My absence was due to a family trip, to Bangkok, London, Paris and Singapore. Got home this morning. Many interesting moments, although only some of relevance here. Way back in 1972 my father was posted for a … Continue reading

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