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Resolution Misconceptions

I keep on finding the claim that progressive scan video necessarily gives a high resolution than interlaced video. For example, take this from HDTV signals broadcast at 60 Hz, the standard for broadcast television, vary in what scanning format … Continue reading

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DVD Audio and SACD explained

I have just placed on this site an article I did for the March 2002 edition of Appliance Retailer on DVD Audio and SACD. Some thoughts since then: A new option for playing SACD and DVD Audio is using the … Continue reading

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Beating my own drum

New Zealand audiophile electronics maker Perreaux publishes an occasional electronic newsletter to around 3,000 people around the world. I couldn’t find an archive of the newsletter at Perreaux’s Web site, but it’s easy to sign up on the home page. … Continue reading

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VAF Research Signature I-93 speakers, marvellous once again

One problem with the picky hi fi person — such as me — is that one gets so damnably familiar with one’s own equipment, and this in itself engenders a kind of dissatisfaction. Take my VAF Research Signature I-93 loudspeakers, … Continue reading

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HiFi Writer returns — Yamaha RX-Z9

What is it about this time of year? Everyone wants articles all at once. Well the great rush appears to have paused for the moment. The morning before last (ie. 3am) I finished my batch of reviews for the most … Continue reading

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THX Optimizer makes onto good Region 4 DVDs

The THX Optimizer is on the newly released Region 4 DVDs of the Indiana Jones trilogy. At last, movies worth owning, which also allow you to adjust your video display device for optimal picture, and your home theatre audio system … Continue reading

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True HD panels coming at last!

Taiwanese computer peripheral maker BenQ (formerly Acer Multimedia) has been seeking to get more into home entertainment equipment. Now it says that it will be offering a true high definition (1,920 by 1,080 pixel) LCD panel in 2004, priced at … Continue reading

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Microsoft XBox weirdness

I’ve just been rounding off a 4,500 word piece for The Bulletin magazine on home theatre, which includes a section on the suitability of games machines for DVD playback. I got ahold of an XBox and a PlayStation2 to check … Continue reading

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