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Video bitrates for digital TV stations

Rather than doing my usual mini-review for The Canberra Times for this coming Monday, I’ve done a piece on digital TV. Primarily, what it now offers. In preparing for it, I’ve gathered and calculated the basic technical specs for the … Continue reading

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Video vs PC settings

As a comment to this post, Victor suggests: You made some recommendations on settings in your S&I artical which I found useful, at least to confirm my own observations and assumptions. There was another setting I changed which was not … Continue reading

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Blu-ray reviews

I’ve just added five of my Sound and Image and Australian HI-FI Blu-ray reviews to the relevant page. The reviews are: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Pulp Fiction Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Star Trek The Wizard of … Continue reading

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Gone With the Wind: Blu-ray vs DVD

I think this is the oldest live-action movie I’ve done yet. Half a dozen comparison shots here, and here’s a sample (DVD to left, Blu-ray to right):

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Does anyone out there still own a HD DVD player? I do. What are your plans for it? Do you have a bunch of discs that you treasure? Or are you replacing them with Blu-ray?

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Testing and cheating

Has LG Electronics been naughty? Apparently it had installed a ‘circumvention device’ in a couple of its refrigerators. This, it is said, turns down the fridges when it senses they are in a 22C environment. The aim was to reduce their … Continue reading

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Blu-ray giveaway – Halo: Legends

Apparently this one is a number of animated stories coming out of the Halo game universe. The disc does not have a proper Blu-ray box, nor a slick, but it works just like a bought one. The disc is region … Continue reading

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Better not offend

I’m looking at the Blu-ray for 2012 at the moment, particularly the special extras. More particularly, the Mayan Personality Profile. You stick in your date of birth and it tells you everything you need to know about yourself. Amazing, heh? … Continue reading

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Hey, variable chapters

I’m checking out the Blu-ray of the epic disaster movie 2012 and exploring the special extras (more on this later). One of these is a Bonusview PIP commentary feature. You have to select this specially to play, rather than just … Continue reading

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Oppo benefits from Lexicon’s discomfiture?

Presumably Oppo makes a nice dollar or two out of selling  the guts of Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray players to Lexicon, to which the latter affixes aluminium fronts and backs and resells for seven times as much as the BDP-83. But yesterday … Continue reading

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