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Even the best can succumb to the times

The other night I stumbled across a clip on Rage of Mick Jagger performing his 1985 single ‘Just Another Night’. Even he ended up looking like a 1985 performer, with the plastered-on white face and the heavy eye liner and … Continue reading

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A Primer on Scientific Testing

In comments recently there has been a discussion about such things as double blind testing. I’ve recently been listening to back issues of the Skeptoid podcast, and as it happens, Episode 13 is entitled ‘A Primer on Scientific Testing’. This … Continue reading

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Colin Whatmough: 1950-2011

I was shocked to read this morning that Colin Whatmough, the founder and owner of the Whatmough Monitors loudspeaker firm, has passed away suddenly. He was only 60. The company produces many excellent loudspeakers and subwoofers, some of which I’ve … Continue reading

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Bit perfect digital audio

In a comment to an earlier post, Fredrick mentioned that he had ‘read an interesting article by Chris Connaker at While testing Asus sound cards, he believes he has achieved bit perfect playback that still sounds awful’. A little … Continue reading

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A note on my attitude

I hope I’m not coming across too strident about the cable stuff I’ve been writing about lately. Or, rather, I hope my stridency is not putting readers off. Please feel free to disagree with me on this or any other … Continue reading

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Wobbling grooves

Years ago I wrote a post in which I mentioned my long search for a good recording of Bach’s Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor. In the end I found a Telarc one with impressive bass. I suggested in that … Continue reading

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Do Video Bitrates Matter?

Well after my little rant yesterday, how about something rather more positive? The answer to my question in the title is: ‘Of course they do.’ The more important question is: how much? My view is that once you get up … Continue reading

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Cable claim grading

I’ve been in contact with the Australian Skeptics about its $100,000 prize for proof of paranormal abilities. No, I don’t have any such abilities. What I am hoping is that they will extend eligibility to at least some of the … Continue reading

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Crappy turntable could be cool product

Got to say, when I first saw this product, my immediate reaction was that it was a pity such a thing existed. The cartridge doesn’t look good, and would probably do some damage to LPs, and to use broadcast FM … Continue reading

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