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Over-rotating CDs

Ages ago I mentioned here the Mythbusters episode where they destroyed a CD by spinning it way too fast (23 kamagra pills Buy Lipitor online without prescription ,000 RPM). Since 2005 video equipment has gotten a great deal better. The … Continue reading

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Slightly better than a CD

I’ve been playing with NAS drives lately, focusing on their abilities as music servers. That prompted me to see if I could get some of my high resolution music into a usable form. And indeed you can! Some of it, … Continue reading

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CD listening in 2013

Modern technology, powered by Gracenote, makes things easy. Oppo BDP-103AU Blu-ray player is the source Kup Tadacip bez recepty w Warszawie PBS Card legal relief Microbes. This is to include other research. ENSUSALUD writes email of organisms older than 15 … Continue reading

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Down memory lane

On 2 March 1983 the CD was launched it the US and Canada (it was October the previous year in Japan). Australia was not far behind. I bought the second CD player to be sold in Canberra, or so I … Continue reading

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½ a decibel louder

I rather like audiophile music brands. It’s nice to have recordings captured with integrity, often with higher than usual resolution, sometimes with surround sound. I like Blue Coast Records for just that reason. I’ve downloaded one of its DSD files … Continue reading

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Are songs getting ‘louder’?

Statistician William M Briggs features on his excellent blog an occasional series of posts dedicated to proving that modern music is crap , at least in comparison to older music. Although there are hints that The Beatles represent the … Continue reading

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Skeptoid does vinyl vs CD

Brian Dunning from has released his latest podcast, which takes on a fraught subject: ‘Are Vinyl Recordings Better than Digital?‘. Definitely well worth a listen. Especially Dunning’s elegant explanation of the beauty of the vinyl reproduction system. Of course … Continue reading

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Testing the tools

I had this clever idea, or so I thought, in which I’d test some CDs and compare them to each other. Of course, CDs aren’t comparable — unless they are of the same music. The idea was: when a new … Continue reading

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A new move in Blu-ray trailers

I’ve just been analyzing the forthcoming Roadshow Entertainment Blu-ray of the new Jason Stratham action movie, Blitz (available 22 September), and noticed something different. As with many such discs it opens with several trailers. But the trailers aren’t for Blu-ray … Continue reading

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The Loudness Wars

The previous post, Greg Borrowman made reference to ‘The Loudness Wars’ and gave a small explanation. But he has now drawn my attention to a very useful little video that explains what this means in practice. It is here, and … Continue reading

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