Does anyone out there still own a HD DVD player? I do. What are your plans for it? Do you have a bunch of discs that you treasure? Or are you replacing them with Blu-ray?

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  1. Shane says:

    I imported a HD-A35 from the states back when it was released and it still remains in use even if it’s more sporadic these days.

    I’ve got about 50 titles, most of which have now been released on blu so I plan to replace them when their BD equivalent when they’re at a bargain bin price.

    Don’t regret buying it at all though. Still a grea player and in some cases, it meant getting HD versions of films years ahead of the BD version.

  2. james gifford says:

    I have two of the toshiba XE1’s and I bought the second even when i knew HD-DVD was a goner, I just really like the picture quality. The only Issue I have is that they are not multi-region. I was told you the region free was part of one of the firware updates so I did my firmware upgrade via the network connection. It didnt work but I was then told that you had to do the all the updates in order to get that feature.

    I have bought a playstation (theatre room)and a cheap samsung BD1500 (lounge) to start building a blu ray collection.

  3. Rsaeire says:

    I originally bought a Toshiba HD-XE1 a month before Toshiba withdrew from the format war, but didn’t feel as if I wasted my money; though in contrast a lot of people felt the opposite to me. My thinking behind this is that I invested in an exceptional player that is built great, looks amazing, plays HD DVDs without issue, upscales DVD really well and has one of the best remotes I’ve ever used. Why would I be frustrated, angry, upset etc, again, like other people felt, because new HD DVDs would eventually stop being released? There are still hundreds of HD DVD titles available and, since it is backwards compatible with DVD, I always have an excellent DVD player; which is multi-region to boot.

    I don’t plan on replacing my existing HD DVD collection with the Blu-ray equivalent, as not only do a lot of movies on both formats share identical audio and video transfers, or in some cases have better transfers on HD DVD, but I intend to keep my HD DVD player in my home media setup for quite some time. As such, it would be cost prohibitive to simply buy the same movies again on Blu-ray.

    Furthermore, I fully intend to continue buying HD DVDs until I’ve bought all the movies I want. Not only does it makes sense, considering all the time and money I’ve invested thus far, but I am an avid collector of various items, so it’s in me to continue collecting. I will always have fond memories of watching Heroes: Season 1 on HD DVD for the first time, or Transformers, Disturbia, 300, Harry Potter 1 – 5, Superman Returns; the list goes on and on.

    In addition, even though the HD DVD format didn’t last as long as I originally hoped, I still continue to enjoy the format several years after Toshiba threw in the towel. And while I never bought any Blu-rays until long after new HD DVDs stopped being released, I’ll always have a soft spot for HD DVD that Blu-ray can’t replace. So in the end, which format really won… ?

  4. Stephen Dawson says:

    I have to say that I saw quite a few movies in HD for the first time in HD DVD, and for the most part they were excellent (exceptions include ‘The Game’, which seemed to have been drawn from a really soft print. I’m gradually turning them into Blu-ray.

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