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Australians, might be a good idea to rescan your digital TV stations, or a least the ABC. I did so this afternoon and ABC 20 HD has now gone. Instead there is ABC 24 HD (720p), which will soon be the 24 hour news station. Only running a promo on a loop at the moment, but that’s what ABC 20 was doing before anyway.

IceTV says that it’s likely to be going live any day now.

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  1. Simon Reidy says:

    Interesting that they’ve kept the source as 720p and still carry the HD tag on the channel’s name. I actually presumed that we’d be losing the unnecessary up-converted footage and they’d fall back to 576i (which would free up some bandwidth for their other over-compressed channels).

    I wonder if this means they’ll shoot studio material in HD now? Going by the promo there’s a lot of talkback, current affairs and news shows that would all look nice in 720p.

    Obviously all the news footage from around the world still all be SD or worse, so HD is still a bit of a waste, but native HD in the studio would be better than nothing.

    I guess we’ll know soon.

  2. Stephen Dawson says:

    I’m pretty sure that all stations are still required by law to broadcast 20 hours of HD material per week (actually, 1,040 hours per year), so that would be why, even though we’d pretty much all agree that for news it isn’t really worth it. Maybe they should drop back to 576p, since that is counted as HD under Australia’s weird regulations.

  3. Mark says:

    I had rescanned everything wednesday last week when I discovered I had missed the Gruen Transfer (got it from ABC2 on thursday) although some devices had changed by themselves. When I checked last night the Beyonwiz and Sony TV had changed to channel 24 by themselves but the Topfield was still displaying channel 20 even after a rescan.

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