Gladiator for Blu-ray

Universal Pictures has announced the release of Ridley Scott’s famous Gladiator on Blu-ray. They aren’t skimping, delivering it on two dual layer discs, including the theatrical release (155 mins) and an extended version (171 mins), plus 11 hours of extra stuff. Universal’s ‘U-Control’ feature for popping up additional information is included.

I was playing with that on the Blu-ray of The Bourne Identity last night (I’ll be putting up a Blu-ray vs DVD comparison in the next couple of days), and it really is very good.

Anyway, the version of The Gladiator that I have is the PAL Superbit release, so it should make for an interesting comparison. If I can get them to let me have a review copy (Universal seems to be a bit reluctant on that front compared to the other studios).

Release date: 30 September 2009.

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