DVD Audio lives on!

Because I bought a King Crimson CD from Amazon once, today I got an email from them advising that In the Wake of Poseidon, KC’s second album, is due to be released in mid October. Of course, it was actually released about forty years ago, and I was about to delete the email since in the last few years I’ve purchased remastered HDCD versions of all of Crimson’s oeuvre from Red, back to the beginning.

But I read on to find that it is a double disc: CD plus DVD Audio with a lossless MLP surround mix. The CD is a remix performed by Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree fame and Robert Fripp. On the DVD Audio disc in addition to the MLP 5.1 mix there is a DTS 5.1 mix, the original mix in ‘High Resolution Stereo’ and the new mix in ‘High Resolution Stereo’ plus some other bits and pieces.

Excited, I went a-searching on Amazon, to find that the same treatment has already been given to In the Court of the Crimson King, Islands, Lizard, and Red. Only Larks Tongue in Aspic and Starless and Bible Black are missing from early Crimson. The latter is one of my all-time favourites.

Golly it’s hard to find DVD Audio on Amazon, though. The place is dreadful at labelling. Search on DVD Audio and you’ll get four pages containing just one of the King Crimson titles, and a bunch of stuff which is not at all DVD Audio.

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