Cricket in HD!

WIN TV (and presumably Channel 9) is broadcasting the Twenty/20 Australia vs Sri Lanka cricket match in proper 1080i50. Looks wonderful!

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10 Responses to Cricket in HD!

  1. Simon Reidy says:

    Not in Hobart. We’re STILL only getting up-converted HD on Gem. Good thing I hate cricket..

  2. Stephen Dawson says:

    Hey Simon, is Hobart on the Nine Network, or on WIN (or some other regional)?

  3. Michael Cuddihy says:

    I have been pretty worried about losing sport on the HD stations. I find sport loses the most when it is shown in SD compared to HD.

  4. Simon Reidy says:

    Sorry about the late reply. Hobart is on the WIN network. We have a long crappy history with WIN here, with them taking forever to even show 16×9, let alone HD content. To give you an example of how behind they are, our local WIN news footage/broadcasts begun shooting in 16×9 last year, where as SCT and ABC had been shooting footage in excellent 16×9 digital quality for about 8 years.

    In regards to HD, what pisses me off is that they used to show proper 1080i content (in 1440x1080i anyway) that was streamed directly from channel 9. However last year when they upgraded their news broadcasts to 16×9, they also switched to some new play-out facility (maybe in Wollongong?) on the mainland. Since then Win “HD” (Now Gem) has been nothing but up-converted content. Worst still is when a show is in 1080i on the Nine network, its down-converted to SD somewhere along the line, then up-converted back to 1080i on GEM. As a result there are severe compression artefacts present due to the multiple scaling/compression processes the signal can gone through.

    If I had to guess I’d say they’re only transmitting a down-converted 576i SD service to Tasmania, which is then up-converted locally back to 1080i.

    Whatever they’re doing to their channels, it looks so crappy that I pretty much avoid them entirely.

  5. Mark says:

    The first test starts next week and guess what — no HD!

  6. Stephen Dawson says:

    Well, ain’t that great. I did a piece in The Canberra Times saying that WIN was broadcasting all the cricket in HD on GEM this season. I wrote it, because I asked WIN and they said they were.

    I guess a correction is coming on.

  7. Mark says:

    I got the info from TV Week and TVFix confirms no cricket on Gem for 1st and 2nd test.

  8. Michael Cuddihy says:

    Alas, I have been sick. Only plus, is that first day of ashes is on, and can confirm that WIN is showing Ashes in SD, and GEM (ie HD) is not showing the cricket.) Very annoying.

  9. Stephen Dawson says:

    God forbid that anyone should miss ‘Murder, She Wrote’

  10. Michael Cuddihy says:

    this issue is getting a bit more play on various blogs and forums. However, I fear that nothing will change and HD FTA sport will become more endangered. Very concerned about NRL and Rugby World Cup which are also on Nine/WIN

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