Animal Kingdom wins lots of AFI awards – comparison up

I’ve got to admit that I’m no great fan of Australian movies, even so-called iconic ones. But I really enjoyed Animal Kingdom, even though it was a little dour. The excellent plot was the key for me, while the performances and everything were plenty convincing. But acting hasn’t been a problem in Australia in recent years, whereas interesting plots have been.

Anyway, the Australian movie industry has given this one ten awards this year, so congratulations. To celebrate, I’ve put up a Blu-ray vs DVD comparison here. Here’s a sample shot:

Animal Kingdom Blu-ray vs DVD comparison

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  1. Smelly says:

    Violent. Edgy. I did not see the end coming. Love it as it is the first time in ages that I have physically sat on the edge of my seat wondering what the **** was coming next.

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