Colin Whatmough: 1950-2011

I was shocked to read this morning that Colin Whatmough, the founder and owner of the Whatmough Monitors loudspeaker firm, has passed away suddenly. He was only 60.

The company produces many excellent loudspeakers and subwoofers, some of which I’ve reviewed over the years. I knew Colin only a little, having had a couple of phone conversations and, finally, sitting at the same table as him at the Sound and Image Awards presentation in 2009. He was a nice man, and extremely knowledgeable about loudspeaker design.

Australia should miss him.

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  1. treblid says:


  2. Neil Kaye says:

    He was a mentor and a friend. He inspired me over 15 years ago and made me a believer in his quest for audio truth & his product stood toe to toe with craftsmanship triple the price on many occasions. From all here in New York I say the world and the audio industry is a lesser place without you Colin.

    Neil Kaye

  3. Ian Manley says:

    Colin was a thorough gentleman and most knowledgeable with an attention to detail that was unsurpassed. I knew Colin for almost 20 years and he has visited my home more than once. He will be sadly missed as an audio pioneer and professional of the highest integrity and a friend.

  4. Geoff and Joan Krygger says:

    My wife and I are now feeling so sad for the Whatmough family having just this day 30/11/2012 of the loss to us of Colin and although time has now gone by it is not strange to all who new Colin to hear someone say ” I must call in to see Colin and see what he has designed recently”? Not realising just how long it had been since seeing him last. He always made you feel welcome and we believe he remembered just what he had sold us.
    With us it was Jan 1993 and he was embarking on HT and we purchased his second generation demo system and still today friends comment on what they can hear from his speakers. What an epitaph he leaves behind.
    Last time we saw Colin he in his usual way made a friend of ours comfortable, displayed his craftsmanship and my friend walked out with what he wanted and loves still his purchase. But that was Colin wasn’t it?
    His ear for music was bar none and we enjoyed calling into his shop when we could.
    My wife and I will miss Colin Whatmough quite welcoming voice as well as his gentleness…so sad
    Rest in God’s care Colin
    Geoff and Joan

  5. Denis Hanrahan says:

    I still haven’t got over the fact that Colin has died, and at such a young age. Have been a good friend of Col and his wife Kee for many years. Even though I,ve owned Cols 303,s for years and love them, Col used to lend me sets of his latest designs to try out.He was a regular visitor to our house, and nothing seemed to be too much trouble. What Col didn’t know about designing good quality sound, wasn’t worth knowing. I,ve owned a number of sets of Col,s speakers and all were great. He is sadly missed.

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