Canberrans, rescan your digital radio

I checked this morning and 666 ABC Canberra is now running, albeit at a relatively low 48kbps. ABC Radio National is also picked up, but at the moment the signal is empty. No word yet on ABC Classic, Triple J or News Radio.

On the rescan, I also picked up a station called ‘FEC Test’, which I take to be ‘Forward Error Correction’. This sounds to have the same content as Mix 106.3.

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  1. Ken says:

    FEC test signal received on a Yamaha T-D500 tuner in the Woden Valley via a three element vertical VHF TV antenna directed at the Telstra Tower on Black Mountain, line of sight.

    All 17 other signals are satisfactory but FEC test is distorted, it seems like an over-modulated AM signal. Same today as yesterday.

  2. Interesting, Ken. Same here. It’s nuts. Way over-modulated, clipping everything massively.

  3. Ken says:

    OK, I’m glad it’s not something peculiar here.

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