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I’ve been adding a few of my Blu-ray reviews to the site, here. These include a Blu-ray vs DVD comparison for The Crow. Had fun, of course, due to the different framing of the formats. The DVD is 4:3, but not pan and scan. Instead, its the full frame, whereas the Blu-ray has been masked down to 16:9. Here’s a full frame comparison between the two:

Aspect ratio of The Crow

BTW: free to a good home, ‘George Harrison: Living in the Material World‘ Blu-ray. Test disc, no box or slick. Australian addresses only. Ask in comments.

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2 Responses to More reviews

  1. treblid says:

    I’d have it if it’s not too late.. BTW, the link to the George Harrison is dead..

  2. Link fixed, Treblid, thanks. No, you’re not too late. I’ll send it through.

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