Beware the expert

There are advantages to old-fashioned analog music, according to some audiophiles. “There is a fuller sound to it, and more depth to the sound,” said Ryan Holiday, the New Orleans-based marketing director for American Apparel. He’s a new devotee of jazz and David Bowie, thanks to LPs. (For the youngsters, that stands for long playing, as in long-playing record; there were also small records called 45s). “I could hear hands going up and down the frets, and stuff that they probably didn’t want you to hear. Which is a nice little surprise,” he said.

Mr. Holiday is not alone in his appreciation.

That is what used to be appear in ‘Enjoying Turntables Without Obsessing‘ in The New York Times. Right after paragraph 2

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, with the standalone sentence commencing paragraph 3. Apparently this was reprinted elsewhere. I got the full quote from the Pittsburg Post-Gazette.

The NYT removed this section for a reason. Mr Holiday isn’t an audiophile. Isn’t a devotee of vinyl. Indeed, he doesn’t own vinyl.

He is simply having fun tricking as many newspapers as possible into using him as an expert in their stories.

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