Scopes Monkey Choir logoIf you like learning more about sound and music, and the scientific basis thereof, may I suggest subscribing to the podcast Scopes Monkey Choir.

It’s about 40 minutes long each week or two and covers things from (most recently) how elephants vocalise the very low frequencies (15-20Hz) they use to communicate over long distances, through to human perception of sound and music. It’s a pleasure to hear people talking about sound in a way that distinguishes between, for example, the fundamental frequencies and the overtones or harmonics.

Right now I feel guilty because when I went to check on the address for the link above, I noticed that they’d linked to my post on The Loudness War about which I’d corresponded with them. So this could look like a courtesy link. It isn’t. It’s an I-ought-to-have-linked-already-but-was-too-lazy link.

Update: On the new Scopes Monkey Choir podcast (Episode 83) my correspondence is mentioned. Included is some stuff I put in an email about Dark Side of the Moon. I’ve just up-loaded my recent review of the DSotM Blu-ray

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, here.

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