Digital radio for the sticks?

Commercial Radio Australia is today launching a ‘national information campaign’ with advertising on 200 regional Australian stations to get people to pushing for the roll out of digital radio in the country areas. Sounds like a good idea to me. There’s a website to go with it:

I’ve just gone there and signed the petition

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, which also generates a form email addressed to your local MP, which I sent.

Of course, even though Canberra is regional, we are getting much of the digital radio service. But much is not all, it is only on a trial basis, and it is still quite low powered (3kW) with no provision for retransmission or repeaters. So rolling out fully to regional areas ought to mean better, richer digital radio in Canberra as well.

Because the fact is, it sounds so much better than AM and even FM radio it’s not funny.

BTW, it seems that Universal is launching the Blu-ray version of The Birds as a standalone (previously it has been part of a Hitchcock collection). I’ve got a test pressing here to giveaway. No box, no label, Australian postal address only. First to ask in comments.

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