‘can theoretically reach 100,000 Hz’

Here’s something I’d completely forgotten about, or perhaps never known. The ‘Scarlett Book’ for SACD recommended that the high resolution audio be low pass filtered at 50kHz (@-3dB). I was reminded/informed of this by the datasheet for the Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC.

What then to make of this insert that appeared in just about all SACDs in the early days?

SACD Insert

A lot rests on the word ‘theoretically’.

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2 Responses to ‘can theoretically reach 100,000 Hz’

  1. Jan says:

    Why bother with frequencies above say 24 kHz (48 kHz sampling rate) if we cannot ever hear them ? Except for theoretical advance in time domain, DSD and other high sampling techniques do not offer much to human ears….

  2. You won’t find much argument from me.

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