The End of a Mini-era

Well, it looks like some stats will no longer be available for my Blu-ray reviews. It all depended on a program called BDInfo.exe. And that only worked with AnyDVD decryption running. Now the makers of AnyDVD have pulled the pin. The long arm of the movie industry has reached (the maker of AnyDVD) in Antigua

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, and they’ve shut up shop permanently.

I discovered this when I stuck Disc 3/4 of Season 5 of The Game of Thrones in the Blu-ray drive and AnyDVD reported it couldn’t contact the AnyDVD server. So no more bitrate graphs or average video or audio bitrates. Fixed audio bitrates I can get using other techniques.

Here’s all that remains of Slysoft’s website:

Due to recent regulatory requirements we have had to cease all activities relating to SlySoft Inc. We wish to thank our loyal customers/clients for their patronage over the years.

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