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The (black) magic of HDMI

Weird evening. I want to measure the frequency responses of some sound bars with a focus on the bass end. First problem, my M-Audio Fast Track Pro microphone pre-amp/DAC won’t work. My recording software tells me that there’s an incompatible … Continue reading

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HDMI cables and 4K

Just a quick note on cheap HDMI cables. I’ve previously ranted about the unfortunate fact of expensive HDMI cables being sold in consumer shops, the outlandish claims so often made for them. A while back I purchased from The Cable … Continue reading

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A good move

I’ve just started doing a review of the new Panasonic premium Blu-ray player buy kamagra 100mg They constantly sought that they do NOT know antibiotics by regarding themselves with monitored lower surveillance providers or for serious cases. To make … Continue reading

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Blue Jeans Cable

Just a quick one on HDMI cables: if you want useful and well-argued views on them I wouldn’t normally direct you to the website of a cable vendor. But Blue Jeans Cable seems to be an exception. It says things … Continue reading

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Kogan repeating its HDMI cable giveaway in UK

Earlier this year Kogan was giving away HDMI cables to people who had purchased a TV from JB HiFi. Looks like it’s repeating the trick in the UK.

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A bigger (longer?) hammer from The Cable Connection

The other day I purchased some HDMI cables from The Cable Connection, following up on my previous post about Kogan’s inexpensive HDMI cables. In a comment to that post alebonau recommended TCC. Now I had little doubt that the Kogan … Continue reading

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Kogan provides hammer

A couple of weeks ago I was wandering around Myers here in Canberra, keeping a handle on what is presently on the market, and marvelling at the low sale prices of various products, compared to their RRPs/SRPs. And, of course, … Continue reading

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The next big advance?

So it turns out that Peter Jackson is shooting his Lord of the Rings prequel, The Hobbit, in 3D and at 48 frames per second. Virtually all filming for cinema is done at 24fps of course, and one of the … Continue reading

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Old cables, new, and HDMI puzzles

Recently I was using a 3D full HD front projector, and I was pleased to find that my old 10 metre Kordz ‘Diamond’ HDMI cable worked fine with it, including with full Blu-ray 3D. Then a few days later I … Continue reading

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Audio Return Channel – a complication too far?

The latest version of HDMI — 1.4 — provides for, amongst other things the Audio Return Channel. You have a HDMI cable from your home theatre receiver to feed video to the TV. ARC allows this very same cable to … Continue reading

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