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Farewell, Panasonic Plasma

Well, that’s it. I just received a call from Panasonic’s head of marketing. Panasonic is ceasing plasma TV production in December. I imagine all stock will be sold within a few months after that. Buy Kamagra UK The Medical … Continue reading

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Not All Cover Art is Equal

Here are two screen photos of some cover art. Same TV. Same graphic embedded in the same MP3 file streamed via DLNA from the same Android phone. The only difference was which DLNA client device was producing the on-screen display: … Continue reading

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Apple’s Slow, Slow Podcast App

Here’s a little video I did a couple of months ago on Apple’s Podcast app , and how poorly it performs. Speaking of poor performance, mine is pretty clunky. But I did it the easy way , using a smart … Continue reading

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A good move

I’ve just started doing a review of the new Panasonic premium Blu-ray player buy kamagra 100mg They constantly sought that they do NOT know antibiotics by regarding themselves with monitored lower surveillance providers or for serious cases. To make … Continue reading

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I’ve just installed Samsung’s new top of the line 64 inch plasma. Looks like it’s a pretty good TV Kup LevitrÄ™ bez recepty kamagra pills , but the reason I’m writing this is simple: I did it all by myself … Continue reading

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Momentarily Spooky

Week before last Samsung did its 2013 TV launch. Included was its 85 inch 4K model, which it’s treating like a super custom install. They’re produced to order, you get free ‘Evolution’ upgrades for a few years and a tech … Continue reading

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Down memory lane

On 2 March 1983 the CD was launched it the US and Canada (it was October the previous year in Japan). Australia was not far behind. I bought the second CD player to be sold in Canberra, or so I … Continue reading

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The Centre of the Modern Home Entertainment System

Yep, here it is: That eight port network switch hovers above my system. One port is connected to the router , of course, and the others to a home theatre receiver, a Blu-ray player, two PVRs, a Telstra T-Box … Continue reading

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Restore saves all

My iPod Touch, which isn’t very old at all, has been flaky for ages. Most irritatingly the double tap on the home button, which brings up pause and skip keys and volume slider, has been totally unreliable. It would work … Continue reading

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Do you have a recent full HD Samsung TV?

If so, can you do me a favour? A number of Samsung TVs I’ve reviewed lately are unable to apply the ‘Screen Fit’ aspect ratio to HDTV. But that might be due to all the 1080i stations in Canberra broadcasting … Continue reading

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