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Canberra ‘Elite’ Cabs

Here’s a message that I tried to submit to Canberra ‘Elite’ Taxis this evening: Yet again the web booking system will not work for me. I enter the details Koupit Lioresal v Praze Buy Amoxil UK If you are selling, … Continue reading

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½ a decibel louder

I rather like audiophile music brands. It’s nice to have recordings captured with integrity, often with higher than usual resolution, sometimes with surround sound. I like Blue Coast Records for just that reason. I’ve downloaded one of its DSD files … Continue reading

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A bold, silly statement

UK Guardian writer John Harris says ‘The sound quality is way better than anything digital’. And he is referring to vinyl. He is a lefty and seems to be suggesting that listening to music on vinyl is, in the words … Continue reading

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Free speech

The Australian government seems somewhat inclined to adopt a course of evil, in the form of media regulation. It is not for no reason that the first amendment to the US Constitution is phrased as ‘Congress shall make no law … Continue reading

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A Decade of Tuning Tips (Part Two) – 3

Oh, I’ve been so terrible. I was chatting to someone today and whinging about the British hifi media of the 1980s, only to remember that I had failed to follow up on a series of posts started a couple of … Continue reading

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Politically correct Bee Gees

When I was quite young (about 13) my father sometimes worked at a second job as a security guard. On one occasion he had a job at a concert of the Bee Gees at the local theatre. My sister and … Continue reading

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No, the Nazis weren’t the first

Apparently someone has found a couple of half hour 3D movies made by the Nazis back in 1936. Well, what better excuse could there be for expressing one’s amused contempt for America? This occurs in the UK lefty newspaper The Guardian … Continue reading

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Apples and Oranges

I must say, as soon as I saw ‘The Biology of Home Entertainment‘ tweeted, I thought I’d be reading something interesting. It promised to explain ‘How your senses influence your level of enjoyment!’ That makes a great deal of sense. The … Continue reading

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Why we like music remains a mystery

In a comment to an earlier post Treblid linked to an interesting article in Discovery News called ‘Why Music Makes You Happy‘. The article relates a study in which the brain function of a number of people was analysed during … Continue reading

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Cable claim grading

I’ve been in contact with the Australian Skeptics about its $100,000 prize for proof of paranormal abilities. No, I don’t have any such abilities. What I am hoping is that they will extend eligibility to at least some of the … Continue reading

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