What advice do I not give?

From time to time people write to me asking various questions about home entertainment matters. Generally I am happy to help, time permitting, and if I think the matter interesting I may include it here. However I have had a policy for a while of not providing advice on whether a person should buy product A or B.

Why? Especially as I do this fairly frequently in the context of a paid reviews. I’ve been trying to crystallise my reasons for this stance for a while, so here they are.

First, even though I probably review more products in this field than anyone in Australia, I still only review a small proportion of all the products on the market. So advice on specific products would most likely be on the basis of reputation rather than experience.

Second, even when I have reviewed the products in question, there’s still a huge subjective component in the final judgement. In a review I can point out the considerations that led me to prefer A over B, but to start trying to do that for individual readers would mean no time left for family, listening to music or watching movies for pleasure or, for that matter, writing paid reviews.

So, sorry. I’m happy to give ideas on things to look for, but not whether you should buy a Sony TV or a Panasonic one.

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