DVD recordable prices continue to fall

The other day someone in the hi fi industry was telling me about concerns regarding the longevity of recordable DVDs. Some cheap brands, he said, are not properly UV finished so they can go off in a relatively short time — a matter of months or years, not decades.

True? Who knows. All the DVDs I’ve recorded still seem okay. But I’ve only been recording for a couple of years, and I only use blank DVDs (and CDs) from reputable brands.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Why bother buying cheap blank recordable DVDs?

Today I bought two 25 disc spindles, one of DVD+R and one of DVD-R, both 4x, both from TDK. Price? $45 each from Good Guys Tuggeranong (after a 10% cash discount).

That’s just $1.80 per disc. Buying cheaper ones strikes me as a false economy.

Now all I have to do is wait until the prlces of the new DVD DL+R discs fall to something reasonable from their current ludicrously high levels (I have the new Pioneer dual layer DVD burner to review).

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