Is CRT on the way out?

Sony Australia says that it has stopped importing and selling CRT computer monitors. From now on, it’s LCD all the way. The reason?

According to GfK independent research statistics, in Australia the LCD market has grown by 183% by volume (2003:2002), at the same time as the CRT market has decreased by 11%.Compared year on year, value-wise the LCD market has grown by 73% whilst the CRT market has decreased by 38%.

In other words, they are selling a lot more LCD monitors and fewer CRT monitors. And while the retail prices of both are falling, those of CRT monitors are falling faster than those of LCD monitors.

It may take another couple of years, but I suspect that the big players in TVs will be shifting this way too (although the replacements for CRTs will be both LCDs and Plasmas).

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