Hey, I’m famous!

Carla on 'Wired' - TVSNThe editor of Appliance Retailer, to which I contribute, sent me down a tape of a show called ‘Wired’ on an Australian pay TV channel, TVSN (Television Sales Network) in which the wired-expert, Carla, was talking about MP3. She quoted extensively from a piece by me in Appliance Retailer, saying ‘Steve Dawson from Appliance Retailer did a really good article, which I’ve … the whole article’s really good’.


I’m rather pleased because I aim to communicate highly technical stuff in a way that any person — at least, any person who isn’t totally techno-phobic — can understand. You don’t need to understand all the psychoacoustic studies and drill down deeply into the intense mathematics behind things like MP3 to gain an appreciation of what it does. But just a little background helps your appreciation.

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