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Interesting way of getting sound

Watch this video and see if you can see how it works: The Kaiser Baas product, called the ‘CONTACT’, is just under $60. My first thought was that it senses the vibration, or has a little microphone built in. But … Continue reading

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Speed, speed, speed

The other day I was playing a podcast on an iPod and had to stop listening for a while. When I resumed play some time later, the damned thing started again from the beginning. I had to search through to … Continue reading

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iPod weirdness

After my rave about the iPodĀ a couple of posts ago, I should note something rather weird that happened this morning as I undertook my morning stroll. I’ve gradually been working through an interesting series of Podcasts called the Skeptics Guide … Continue reading

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The amazing iPod, shrinks and expands simultaneously

Eventually someone will sue Apple Inc in some kind of ‘anti-trust’ action, just as Microsoft has been sued in the past. It will be because Apple produced such a great product that it has come to dominate the market. That … Continue reading

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Paternalistic Protection Partially Averted, but high sensitivity earphones a’comin

In December it was widely reported that the European Union is to require that MP3 players have a default maximum level of 85dB. Whatever the hell that means. 85dB average? Peak? A-weighted? C-weighted? Apparently some kind of over-ride will be … Continue reading

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Apple iTunes, a masterpiece of obfuscation

Goodness knows when you will see this. Internet for me, at the moment, is thoroughly dead. New computer. Spent Thursday night loading stuff. Likewise Friday morning. During one of its reboots, its graphics card failed. The shop people actually came … Continue reading

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Apple’s iPod takes over the world?

Apple has announced that six significant international airlines are installing iPod support in their aircraft from next year. The airlines are Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM and United. On these airlines, seat connections will power iPods and provide a … Continue reading

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iPod weirdness

Since home theatre receivers are now coming thick and fast with bridges for Apple iPods (Gen 3 and later), Apple has kindly lent me a very fancy iPod indeed. It does video, has a 60GB hard disk and so on. … Continue reading

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Minor MP3 player problem

One problem with hard disk based MP3 players is gaps. You know those CDs where the music is continuous, even across the boundaries between tracks? When you play back an MP3 album in track order on an MP3 player, there … Continue reading

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Apple iPod Arrogance?

Busy doing reviews of hard disk based portable MP3 players. You know the thing. The Apple iPod and its competition. Except for one small problem. Apple, here in Australia, has a policy of not providing review samples of the iPod … Continue reading

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