Pixar – when will it end?

Disney sent me Up and Monsters, Inc. today on Blu-ray. I haven’t seen the former yet, while the latter I know to be a classic. This prompted me to say to my daughter: ‘when is it going to end?’

What I meant was, Pixar has yet to produce a flop. Since 1995 it has created ten feature films for cinematic release. And here’s what the Internet Movie Database voters have thought of them:

Year Movie IMDB score IMDB Top 250 rank
1995 Toy Story 8.1 #159
1998 A Bug’s Life 7.3  
1999 Toy Story 2 8.0 #245
2000 Monsters, Inc. 8.0 #243
2003 Finding Nemo 8.2 #152
2004 The Incredibles 8.1 #179
2006 Cars 7.5  
2007 Ratatouille 8.2 #164
2008 WALL-E 8.5 #45
2009 Up 8.4 #75

That’s ten highly successful movies in fifteen years, without a single dud (unless you call 7.3/10 a dud). How long can they keep it up?

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2 Responses to Pixar – when will it end?

  1. Darren Wright says:

    Hi Stephen,
    With “Up”, have the tissues handy at about the fifteen minute mark. Incredibly emotive movie.

    I think that the reason Pixar movies are so successful is that they aren’t just kids movies, they are
    great plot-driven films that the adults can get involved with as well.



  2. Chris says:

    How long can they keep it up? I dunno, but hopefully forever since all of their movies are simply wonderful.

    As Darren mentioned, the first segment of Up is a brilliant condensation of raw human emotion that hits you so quickly, it’s nearly impossible to resist reaction. Thankfully I had a pair of 3D glasses on to hide my watery eyes the first time I watched it.

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