BD-Live Travails

Here’s an email I sent last night to ‘BD-Live Help’. I mentioned here a while back how my BD-Live logon with The Da Vinci Code had failed. I whinged to Sony’s PR company at the product launch mentioned in the post, and they undertook to do something about it. As a result, about three days ago I received an email from BD-Live Help with a reset password. So here’s what happened (logon IDs etc X’d out for security):

Dear BD-Live HelpThank you for resetting my password and advising a new one, as per your email below. Unfortunately, this has failed to resolve my problem. Here’s the sequence of events leading to this pass.

  1. I was early onto BD-Live, back with the original release in Australia of Men in Black. At that time (most likely) I registered for BD-Live as I explored the system’s capabilities.
  2. Since then I forgot my password. However I remembered my username: ‘XXXXXXX’. My email address was XXXXXXX@XXXXXXXX.
  3. When I was reviewing the Australian release of The Da Vinci Code, I attempted to use the cinechat feature, but without a password could not get it to work. So I tried creating a new registration. This insisted that a username had to consist of at least one letter and one number, so I tried XXXXXXX1. This registration failed on the basis that my email address was already included with another registration.
  4. Following my raising the matter with Sony management here in Australia and their PR, I received your email of 1 September.
  5. I have just loaded The Da Vinci Code and I successfully ‘Registered My Disc’ in the normal BD-Live section of the disc using my user name ‘XXXXXXX’ and the new password you provided.
  6. I then exited that section of the disc and entered the ‘cinechat’ section. This required me to logon again. I entered ‘XXXXXXX’ and the advised password, and received the following message:’Login Failed – The BD-Live user name/password you entered is invalid. Please select ‘Ok’ and try again.’

    Needless to say, I’ve ‘tried again’ several times, with great care as to make sure I entered the correct password. I received the same message on each occasion.

  7. So, I’m still stuck. Apparently the cinechat system uses a different verification mechanism to the regular BD-Live system. To confirm, I exited and went back to the normal BD-Live section of the disc and again used the ‘Register Your Disc’ item to logon. When I did so, after a pause the system returned a message saying ‘DISC IS ALREADY REGISTERED’, suggesting that it successfully logged on and checked the disc status. (Incidentally, when I entered the logon screen, the fields had been automatically filled, with the information loaded from the player’s persistent storage. Why doesn’t the cinechat feature also have this pre-filling capability?)


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