Digital Radio in Canberra!

My brother emails me:

The trial of DAB+ began on Wednesday. I tuned my radio in last night and despite it being a low powered test signal I had good reception.

The stations available are:

  • MIX 106.3
  • MIX 106.3 PLUS
  • My Canberra Digital
  • SBS Radio 1
  • SBS Radio 2
  • 104.7-HIT MUSIC
  • 2CA
  • 2CC
  • Hot Country

Thanks for that. Weird: no ABC.

It won’t work in my office (metal insulation makes it a bugger for reception), but much to my surprise I get a borderline signal in the back yard (with dropouts). When they have proper signal strength, I might even get it in the office.

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2 Responses to Digital Radio in Canberra!

  1. Simon Reidy says:

    Interesting. Is it true that broadcasts are restricted to 128kbps? Or can stations choose their own bit-rate? (would be nice for instance if ABC Classical FM and JJJ choose to transmit at 320kbps!). If it is 128kbps only, do you know if it’s mp3? Or something with better compression like wmv or ACC?

    I love the idea of digital radio, but if it’s low bit-rate crap then there’s very little appeal for me to upgrade. That’s if Tassie ever gets digital radio anyway..

  2. Stephen Dawson says:

    This uses a codec called AAC+ or HE-AAC (for High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding). According to Wikipedia, 64kbps in this is supposed to give a result comparable to 128kbps in MP3. I have heard that stations are typically using 72kbps to 96kbps, but I’m not certain.

    If Canberra is getting it, then surely Tasmania can’t be far behind.

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