SACD comeback?

I’m presently looking at Sony’s new Blu-ray 3D player, the BDP-S470. Only $299!

As I was exploring the player’s menu system, I came across something unexpected: a facility for handling Super Audio CD playback (you can choose between CD layer where available or the SACD layer, and between the stereo and multichannel DSD content). Perhaps I’ve overlooked it, but it has been some years since I’ve seen Sony including SACD support in a product of this kind, certainly since SACD playback was dropped from the PS3 back in 2007.

It turns out that this facility also seems to be in the lower cost ($229) Sony BDP-S370.

Is Sony rehabilitating this format?

Update (12:43pm): Damn, that’s inconvenient. The player is set to Region A, so I can’t run some of my usual test discs.

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2 Responses to SACD comeback?

  1. treblid says:

    At $230, it’s probably the cheapest SACD player? I hope SACD will make a comeback.

  2. Stephen Dawson says:

    I think SACD is a significant improvement over CD. But I also think its Direct Stream Digital format is fundamentally flawed. Multichannel PCM as provided by DVD Audio was a much better solution technically.

    Of course, people imagine that SACD somehow, magically, sounds better because they swallow Sony’s propaganda that it is somehow analogue-like. In truth, DSD is no more analogue than PCM. It’s just a form of pulse density modulation with noise shaping to extend a mediocre bit depth.

    Gee whiz, I must be in a bad mood tonight!

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