Apologetically region coded Blu-ray

I’ve just noticed over at the ‘NEW Unofficial Blu-ray Audio and Video Specifications Thread’ on the AVS Forums a remark about the region coding screen of a new Blu-ray disc. It apologises for its existence!

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6 Responses to Apologetically region coded Blu-ray

  1. treblid says:

    Able to grab a screenshot? Sounds too good to be true.

  2. Stephen Dawson says:

    No, Cinema Squid (who comments here sometimes) noticed it and reproduced the text at the link, but said he was unable to capture a screen shot (getting screen shots is a roundabout process, unfortunately).

  3. Chris says:

    Yeah, I wish I could grab a screen of this, but I couldn’t find the individual asset this was encoded to that I could easily decode. This is my first “Masters of Cinema” Eureka UK disc, so I don’t know if this region coding screen is a common practice or something unique to this (disturbing and interesting) Fantastic Planet release.

  4. Mark says:

    I noticed in that thread you have the Madman release of Blood the Last Vampire. I have the US release if you want to compare them. BTW the US release only cost me $15AU.

  5. Stephen Dawson says:

    Two US and Australian versions are identical, even to having the exact same disc size down to the last byte.

    The one advantage of crap economies in the US and the UK is the low cost of relative luxury items, such as Blu-ray discs.

  6. Mark says:

    I have found a few of the Funimation anime blu-rays released in the US are region A & B. I wonder if this is a hint to which titles Madman have licensed for eventual local release?

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