Over the years, and two or three thousand product reviews, I’ve occasionally dealt with some physically difficult devices. But this is the first time I’ve been completely stuck.

Last night I dragooned one of my daughters’ boyfriends — a fine young lad of 19 who is in good physical shape — to help unpack the Paradigm Sub2 subwoofer, and carry it the ten metres or so to subwoofer corner in my office. The unpacking went all right. But the lifting didn’t.

Oh, we got it off the ground, and then we put it back down. Twice. The second time was because I couldn’t really believe it was as hard as it seemed the first time. But it was. According to the specs, it weighs 106kg.

We may have managed to get it down to the corner without dropping. Fifty/fifty maybe. But the thing costs $11,000, so even a tiny chance of dropping it wasn’t acceptable.

I bought a trolley this morning. Next time an able-bodied person is handy I shall try again.

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