Edith Piaf lives!

Well, kinda. When I went to see Inception at the cinema a month or two ago, I recall thinking at one point: is that Edith Piaf singing? I was ambivalent, because while it sounded like her, it also sounded too good. After all, she died in 1963.

Right now I’m writing my formal review of Psycho on Blu-ray, and I am about to discuss the 5.1 audio mix — the amazingly good 5.1 audio mix. So I looked up the company that managed to pull this off: Audionamix. It turns out that it also did the work on Edith Piaf for Inception:

Mr. ZIMMER: Oh, yeah, yeah. Yes. Some science fiction actually did go into the score. I mean – and nobody has actually asked me this question. So how did you get the voice totally separate? Because we’ve extracted her voice out of a preexisting recording. We found some scientists in France who could do that for me. So I actually have a pristine, clean version of Miss Piaf singing the song without any backing track. It’s a bit like, you know, pulling out one cell out of a DNA of somebody.

My goodness. I can see endless uses for this technology (so long, as with Psycho, the original mono is also provided).

Speaking of Psycho, I have the Blu-ray version of this to give away. Disc only, no packaging. First request in comments … Australian postal addresses only.

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