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Hiding inside the audio streams

Well, here is where a blog post was supposed to go. But it got totally out of control, and turned itself into a 1,200 word article. A very interesting one I like to think. So interesting that I ought to … Continue reading

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Free Blu-ray disc

Would you like a free Blu-ray disc? First you’ll have to work out what it is from the code to the right. Pre-production disc Koupit Cialis , with no label, box etc, but content is the same as the bought … Continue reading

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Summer Wars

Do you like Japanese Anime? I have one copy of the Blu-ray for Summer Wars. No box. Ask for it in comments. Australian postal addresses only.

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Great Migrations

Also by way of apology, the first to ask in comments (Australian postal addresses only) is welcome to have the three Blu-ray disc (discs only, no packaging) set of the National Geographic documentary series ‘Great Migrations’. Four episodes, 200 minutes, … Continue reading

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Are movies getting worse?

One of the four blogs I read nearly every day is that of the good professor William M Briggs, Statistician. He hits nearly all the right buttons for me. Moderately and thoughtfully conservative, and a great proponent of the view … Continue reading

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Metropolis … Reconstructed … Restored … Blu-ray

Metropolis is one of those movies the absence of which necessarily renders any movie collection incomplete. It may not be all that enjoyable, but it is important, and should be familiar to any film buff. Especially in the most complete … Continue reading

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On a more positive note …

I’ve put up a couple more Blu-ray vs DVD comparisons: Cool Hand Luke and Falling Down. You will use neither as demo material for the wonder of Blu-ray. Nonetheless, both movies are nicely watchable on Blu-ray — far more so … Continue reading

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The Fifth Element on Blu-ray

I have a Blu-ray test disc of The Fifth Element to whoever, with an Australian postal address, first asks for it in comments. This was the original Sony release in Australia of the movie (it is now handled by Madman … Continue reading

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Corporate madness

I have kind of heard this before, but only today have I gotten around to confirming it. Warner Bros Home Entertainment no longer supplies review discs—Blu-ray or DVD. Instead it has some kind of online facility which reviewers are supposed … Continue reading

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It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Max

And it’s on Blu-ray. And it’s yours if you live in Aus and ask for it first in comments. The Australian DVD is fatally flawed, but this 1080p24 Blu-ray looks pretty decent. No box, no slick, no proper label, it’s … Continue reading

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