I’ve got to confess that I sometimes think that Apple products are overrated (I’m a CP/M, MS DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows XP nerd from way back). But now, thanks to Santa, I have an iPad, and I’m still looking for significant problems with it.

Oh, I wouldn’t want to type a novel on it, or even a lengthy blog post. But the on-screen keyboard is surprisingly adequate (especially in landscape mode), and, anyway, I’m typing this post using the Apple wireless (ie. Bluetooth) keyboard.

Rather than typing this into the WordPress app, which tends to lag somewhat in the appearance of keystrokes onto the screen, I’m using the free app PlainText 1.3. This hooks directly into the file synchronising system and is very responsive. I shall cut and paste back into WordPress presently.

All I have to do, now, is get used to the keyboard conventions of an Apple keyboard.

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5 Responses to Mobility

  1. Simon Reidy says:

    Welcome to the world of iOS! Problems aside the iPad is a great device and I can guarantee it will become a big part of your life.

    I have a love/hate affair with Apple. I love their slick hardware and innovative design, but Steve Job’s arrogance and control over Apple products really gives me the shits. I’m therefore right into the jailbreaking scene :). Not pirating mind you (which is obviously possible, but frowned upon), but rather unofficial app installation through alternative sources like Cydia. . This opens up a whole world of custom mods, tweaks, app, themes, ringtones etc and really unlocks the full potential of the device.

    I love the polish of iOS and the availability of quality apps in the App store is awesome. However there are still many stupid limitations that Apple places on its users that can be circumnavigated through jailbreaking. This way you get the best of both worlds!

    I don’t own an iPad btw, but I have a jailbroken iPhone 4 and couldn’t live without it.

    If you get curious about jailbreaking, is a good place to start for info.

  2. James says:

    I got one from Santa too. Just setting up iTunes so that I get my iPhone and iPad synced with what I want. Not just a whole bunch of music I never listen to and useless apps.

  3. Craig says:

    Apple’s refusal to support blu-ray on the Macs is unforgivable. Even as a made-to-order option? Nup, Steve Jobs doesn’t want to know. Outrageous, on what’s supposed to be a high-end product. Shame.

  4. Simon Reidy says:

    I agree Craig. You could say the same thing about Job’s refusal to support flash on all iDevices. He’s not really into giving people choice.

    I’ve always been a Windows person as I like to custom build my PCs and put whatever hardware and software I want on them (and I love Blu-Ray :)). However when it comes to portable devices (netbooks, tablets and phones) I think Apple lead the way with superb usability, apps, slick UI, and above all else, excellent battery life. I still get very pissed off by the limitations imposed on these devices by Apple though, which is why I am such a strong advocate of jailbreaking.

  5. Rsaeire says:

    The Apple ecosystem is too closed. Granted, this leads to a simpler experience for the majority, but it tends to cause untold frustration in those of us who want to get that little bit extra, e.g. Blu-ray support.

    While I, like a lot of people, can’t fault Apple on their designs, for the most part, there are enough reasons for me to remain away from Apple products.

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