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Up to my neck in a Mac

Apologies for all three of you readers. I’ve been away for so long, from the blog, but not from working. I expect to be doing more here in the future, including loading up some interesting measurement data. But what prompted … Continue reading

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Two things I remember from computer magazines from the days when both computers and I were young were: code segments and benchmarks. There’d be chunks of computer code that you could type in. Some were merely small routines, some were … Continue reading

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Animated JPEG?

This is weird: Just a cute picture picture of a dog and a kid Kauf von Amoxil , right? Absolutely, animated and all. But check out the file name extension: *.jpg. An animated JPEG? Google that and you’ll find lots … Continue reading

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The Centre of the Modern Home Entertainment System

Yep, here it is: That eight port network switch hovers above my system. One port is connected to the router , of course, and the others to a home theatre receiver, a Blu-ray player, two PVRs, a Telstra T-Box … Continue reading

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Cheap, cheap memory

I see that Kogan is selling a 128GB USB drive for just $79 at the moment. Which got me to check some of the memory prices I’ve recorded in times past. For example, back in July 2010 the cheapest (on … Continue reading

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Computer fun, or not

Well, middle of the day Friday I attempt to open a PDF attachment emailed to me (from a trusted source), and Windows XP tells me it won’t open. And that marked the start of things. Some other programs started falling … Continue reading

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Speed, speed, speed

The other day I was playing a podcast on an iPod and had to stop listening for a while. When I resumed play some time later, the damned thing started again from the beginning. I had to search through to … Continue reading

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Thank you Microsoft

For sucking six hours of productivity out of my life. It turns out that if you install a smaller MS Office package over a larger one, using the default settings, the extra bits of your old installation get zapped. Oh, … Continue reading

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Keep those fingers under control

Since I got the iPad I’ve been using this really cool facility called to keep the articles I’m currently working on in sync between the iPad and the main computer. You get 2GB of storage for free, and it … Continue reading

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I hate proprietary disc formats

I’m testing a PVR on which you can apparently record to external hard disk drives as well as internal one. So I plug in a 1TB hard disk to test it out. Unit won’t recognised it. Plug it into the … Continue reading

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