The Fifth Element on Blu-ray

I have a Blu-ray test disc of The Fifth Element to whoever, with an Australian postal address, first asks for it in comments.

This was the original Sony release in Australia of the movie (it is now handled by Madman Entertainment). The video on this disc is identical to the US remaster and to the Madman re-release.

No proper label, no box, no slick. The movie, though, is fine.

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4 Responses to The Fifth Element on Blu-ray

  1. Rod Williams says:


    I’d like to grab the test disc of FIFTH ELEMENT if it’s still available! Thanks.

    toxicwaste at

  2. Hi Rod, just email me your postal address. Congrats.

  3. Michael Cuddihy says:

    love that movie. Definitely a fave.

  4. Mark Wallace says:

    Very good Movie! 🙂

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