The Sharp Edge of the Gladiator

Do you have Gladiator on Blu-ray? You should, but only if you get the correct one.

The original release was deeply unimpressive. The remastered version, gorgeous. Why the difference? Here’s a clue (original left, remaster right):

Original vs remastered Gladiator Blu-ray

How do you tell the remastered release apart from the original in the store? Are there practical differences in picture quality? Is either or both superior to the SuperBit DVD version?

I have answered all of these in my newest comparison.

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2 Responses to The Sharp Edge of the Gladiator

  1. raZorTT says:

    Thanks for the info Stephen. I’d read about the poor transfer on the initial release of gladiator so held off purchasing it. Good to know the remastered version has actually been improved!


  2. Chris A. says:

    Many thanks for absolutely clarifying which are the remastered and which the first Oz bluray versions. And the image comparisons are a worthy addendum (and perhaps equal to) the comparison at caps-a-holic. At least whilst caps does more full-frame comparisons, I’d be inclined to award you the trophy for claryfying the image comparion of the local Oz version. Again, thanks for your detailed work – it is much appreciated.

    PS. Will also be putting this link on the review comments, so others can benefit.

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