A new move in Blu-ray trailers

Blitz coverI’ve just been analyzing the forthcoming Roadshow Entertainment Blu-ray of the new Jason Stratham action movie, Blitz (available 22 September), and noticed something different. As with many such discs it opens with several trailers. But the trailers aren’t for Blu-ray discs presently or very soon to be available, but for movies now on at the cinema, or yet to be released.

They are Conan the Barbarian, Abduction and a movie on the making of Dave Stewart’s ‘The Blackbird Diaries‘ CD.

Makes sense. A Blu-ray like this will be sold over time so it acts as a promotion both for the cinema appearances of the movies and then, later, for their disc versions. Abduction looks interesting. An action mystery about a young man who apparently isn’t who he thought he was (shades, perhaps, of Wanted?)

I’ll have to crank up the the old HD DVD player and watch the director’s previous movie, Four Brothers, in preparation.

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4 Responses to A new move in Blu-ray trailers

  1. alebonau says:

    I suppose, studio taking advantage of a captive audience 😀

    definitely a new trend. personally I find a pain having to flick through trailers. whether new movies or already released hehe

  2. raZorTT says:

    I watched a bluray the other day (I can’t remember which, maybe mechanic) and the previews were downloaded from the internet.

    Good way to keep the disc fresh, but still annoying that you couldn’t skip ahead.

  3. A small number of discs use BD-Live to automatically download and run trailers at disc startup. Bad idea. They’re using your bandwidth without permission, and if your connection is a bit slow, they can take ages to start up.

  4. Victor says:

    One BD I played actually started the movie within a few seconds of inserting the disk. No previews, no menus, nothing! (can’t recall the movie now, might have been letters from iwo jima?). Just like a CD!! Brilliant!!!

    Just imagine if we had to put up with previews, menus, downloading worthless content, etc on CDs. How many do you think they would sell?

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