Great Migrations

Also by way of apology, the first to ask in comments (Australian postal addresses only) is welcome to have the three Blu-ray disc (discs only, no packaging) set of the National Geographic documentary series ‘Great Migrations’. Four episodes, 200 minutes, 1080i60 video, DTS-HD MA Audio.

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4 Responses to Great Migrations

  1. Nathan says:

    Welcome back – and may I request the DVD’s?

  2. Sure can, Nathan (they are Blu-ray, though, which is the only way to watch nature documentaries!) Shoot me an email with your postal address.

  3. Mark Wallace says:

    HI Stephen,

    Do you have any more left?

  4. Sorry Mark, that’s the only one.

    Nathan, I just realised that I’ve still got the discs here. Sorry, I’ll drop them in probably this arvo or this evening.

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