Time to retune your digital TV and PVRs. It seems that a new station has appeared out here in the sticks. It’s called ‘WIN Gold’, and is honestly labelled on its EPG as offering nothing but ‘Infotainment’, although when I stumbled across it the station was running a fairly interesting retrospective/documentary on Crawford Entertainment. (Now it’s trying to convince me to buy something called the Oreck Air Purifier.)

Looks like the bitrate is pretty low. I’m obviously going to have to update my digital TV bitrate table.

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  1. Simon Reidy says:

    You’re not wrong about bit-rate! I just had a quick look and the resolution and mpeg artefacts look worse than a 360p vid streamed from YouTube!

    Gee I’m so glad they are stealing more bandwidth from their other already-bandwidth-starved channels, to cram a shitty shopping channel in! 😉

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