Cabasse in Sydney

Well I’ve just landed in Sydney to see what the latest goodies from French firm Cabasse are (see my last experience of La Sphere). I’m at T2 having flown here and they’ve arranged Uber transportation, which is apparently contracted hire cars which you summons by means of a smart phone app.

Which I’ve tried to do, the net result of which is a text message saying they can’t find a car for me ‘at this time’ and asking me to ‘try again soon.’ Lucky it’s 11:08am and I don’t have to be in the city until 1pm.

UPDATE: Third time lucky. After a cuppa at T2 I tried again and this time the car was just four minutes away. Very pleasant trip

, although it took a while to get into town (thanks to those cars that smashed not far from Bourke Street), and now just waiting for the whole thing to start.

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