iPod weirdness

After my rave about the iPod a couple of posts ago, I should note something rather weird that happened this morning as I undertook my morning stroll. I’ve gradually been working through an interesting series of Podcasts called the Skeptics Guide to the Universe and started playing Episode #200. At least, that’s what I thought it was. That’s what I selected from the player’s menu, and that’s what was scrolling across the display.

But as the podcast drew to a close, the answer to the previous week’s ‘Who’s That Noisy’ quizz was given, and there was no way it could be correct. Still, the episode was over a couple of minutes later, and then I undertook to skip quickly through the minute or so of credits and closing music. But having done that, the podcast resumed at a point some ten or fifteen minutes earlier, even while the progress bar showed that the play position was at the end.

What happened, it turned out, was that the player thought it was playing Episode #200, but was actually playing Episode #201! No wonder its progress pointer was thrown out. I backed out of that play menu, went to another and started playing something, stopped it, returned to the SGU play menu and restarted #200, and this time it really was #200 playing.

Anyone ever had one track playing while another track’s info was presented?

Anyway, I recommend SGU. It’s funny, science based and has some interesting guests. Obviously I don’t agree with everything there, but does one ever?

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2 Responses to iPod weirdness

  1. Craig says:

    I have had the incorrect album artwork displayed on my iPhone, when running the REMOTE app for my iTunes computer at home.

    On the iMac, the correct album artwork is displayed, but a few meters away on the iPhone REMOTE app, the correct song title is listed, but it is displaying the wrong album artwork, from a completely different album!

    Changing the track selection to another album usually corrects the problem, with the correct artwork now being displayed on the iPhone.

  2. Stephen Dawson says:

    In some ways the new iPod is a bit slower, too, than my own one. When scooting to a new point in a track, it often hangs for a couple of seconds before starting.

    With the current issue, it getting confused seems to be related to skipping to the end of a track. If I let it play to the end, then no problems. It goes straight to the next one without getting confused.

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