Oppo BDP-80 available

I quite stumbled upon this today: Oppo Digital has a new lower cost Blu-ray player available, the BDP-80. It is not as bulky and drops the Anchor Bay Technology VRS video processing, the dedicated stereo analogue outputs and the IR in out, but otherwise seems much the same as the BDP-83. Details of the differences are here.

Available in Australia through Merlin Audio Design in a region adjustable version for $AUS775. Merlin has taken to distributing Oppo Blu-ray players through a number of quality retailers, so you ought to be able to check out the player somewhere in your capital city.

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  1. Anthony says:

    This is leaping off another direction. But hey may be of interest. In the US the Oppo players come with a ‘sampler’ disc from AIX records of blu-Ray surround audio. I don’t know if the same applies in Aus. I know this from listening to pod-cast ‘Home theatre geeks’ on the 2nd last cast which I quite enjoyed listening to as I am an avid fan of surround sound music. Checkvout the pod-casts as you might like them.

  2. Stephen Dawson says:

    Sorry I was so slow to ‘approve’ the comment. Still learning this software.

    Anyway, with the BDP-83 you get the AIX disc in Australia. The local distributor dropped in the BDP-80 yesterday morning, but I didn’t think to ask if you get the discs with it, so I’ll find out and report back here.

  3. Michael Cuddihy says:

    be interesting to hear about how the dropping of Anchor Bay Technology VRS video processing impacts the performance relative to the BDP-83.

  4. Stephen Dawson says:

    Haven’t looked far into it yet (I’m up to my neck in projectors at the moment!), but I did notice that there is no apparent force film mode, unlike the BDP-83.

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