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Guest comment on Warner Bros disc policy

This is in regard to the previous post, in which I’ve disclosed Warner Bros’ rather strange actions on disc reviews. I passed this on to my editors, as well as to the local head of Warner Bros here in Australia. … Continue reading

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From the archives – 1998

I’ve just submitted my review column for this Monday’s The Canberra Times (the Panasonic PT-AE4000E full HD projector, if you’re interested). As I glanced through the folder containing these reviews, my eye fell on one I did back in late … Continue reading

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DVD on Demand

I just received an advertisement from for the DVD of The Strange Love Of Molly Louvain. Pretty expensive at $US26.99. But it turns out this isn’t an off-the-shelf product. It is supplied on DVD-R. If you purchase it, they … Continue reading

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Unused features

The other day when I went to pick up my daughter from school, I decided to load Bach’s ‘Golderg Variations’, as performed by Glenn Gould, in the car CD player. All part of the ongoing musical education for my kids. … Continue reading

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You can’t test everything

In my reviews I try pretty hard to find all the defects in a product that could reduce user convenience or performance, but, of course, I frequently miss stuff. Last night I was playing a CD of The Who’s Tommy, … Continue reading

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Novel use for CDs

The humble CD, originally meant to be just a simple carrier of digital audio on a spiral track, has been finding more and more uses. First as a carrier of data and programs for computers, then as a recordable device. … Continue reading

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KaZaa vs CDs

Human motivations and actions are usually muddy, so it ought not be surprising to find that studies on the impact on CD sales of people using P2P networks to cheaply obtain music is unclear. However the Freedom to Tinker Blog … Continue reading

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Harman Kardon DVD 30 revisited

Yesterday I received the most recent edition of Sound and Image which, as usual, contains a number of my articles. Amongst others it has my rave review of the Harman Kardon DVD 30 DVD video/audio player. I like this player … Continue reading

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The CD jukebox syndrome

Get the rockiest CD you can think of where the music thereon was recorded in, say, the 1970s, and play it. Then get just about any modern pop recording. Which is louder? The latter. This is not for no reason. … Continue reading

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DVD Audio and SACD explained

I have just placed on this site an article I did for the March 2002 edition of Appliance Retailer on DVD Audio and SACD. Some thoughts since then: A new option for playing SACD and DVD Audio is using the … Continue reading

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